Join the Celebration: In honor of the LaLanne Family's legacy promoting good nutrition and fitness at any age

by Breaking the World Record for ‘Most People Performing Jumping Jacks Simultaneously’!

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Celebrate "La La"

Attempt to break the World Record for "Most People Performing Jumping Jacks Simultaneously!"

Join fitness leaders, celebrities, and over 5,000 participants worldwide in the "Jack LaLanne Jumping Jacks Challenge."

Be part of the excitement via live media, streaming services, and social media platforms.

Commemorate Elaine "La La" LaLanne's 98th birthday with a mass jumping jack celebration!

Be a part of an unforgettable experience!

Don't pass up the opportunity to become a part of health and fitness history!




July 12, 2024 – 1 pm

• “Your Place” through our Global Live Streaming Locations

• “In LA” Los Angeles Convention Center, IDEA World’s Fitness & Nutrition Expo

• Opportunity to introduce the “Godfather of Fitness” Jack LaLanne and the LaLanne Family's partnership with Actor/Producer Mark Wahlberg for an upcoming documentary and feature film, bringing Jack LaLanne's legacy to a new global audience.

• “Jumping Jacks" were popularized by Jack and Elaine LaLanne through the beloved “Jack LaLanne Show” (1951-1984)

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Transform Like Legends: Join Our Fitness Journey Inspired by Jaime Brenkus and Jack LaLanne!

Jaime Brenkus,

“The 8-Minute Abs Guy"

Jaime Brenkus, the renowned fitness expert behind the revolutionary 8 Minute Body concept. With decades of dedication to health and fitness, Jaime inspires millions globally.

Jaime Brenkus's journey in fitness is remarkable. From a passionate enthusiast to a household name with his groundbreaking program, Jaime is committed to transforming bodies and lives.

With over 30 years of experience, Jaime has developed innovative fitness routines that help people shed pounds and reclaim vitality efficiently. His approach prioritizes targeted workouts for maximum results in minimal time.

Jack Lalanne, known as

“The Godfather Of Modern Fitness"

Jack revolutionized weight training and nutrition for the masses. What's lesser-known is his design and invention of numerous gym machines still in use today, including the weight selector, leg extension machine, and the concept for the squat machine, now recognized as the “smith machine.

Jack also pioneered juicing for nutrient extraction from vegetables and created the first protein powders and instant breakfasts for convenient access to protein and vitamins. This is just the beginning of Jack's vast legacy. He holds numerous world records for strength feats, was an early television and infomercial pioneer, a chiropractor, an army veteran, and much more!

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